By building relationships with our partners, our clients may benefit from the experience and knowledge our team has in financial planning, wealth management, and insurance. Learn more about what we offer in Advisory Services, Brokerage Services, and Insurance.

Our Process: We treat every client as the individual that they are. Everyone has a unique situation that requires a unique solution. We sit down with each client and find out where they are financially, where they want to be in 5, 10, 30 years, and tailor a plan specifically for them. We don’t open client accounts, we open client relationships.

Our Support Team: While RJM Financial Group is an independent Financial Advisor, we’re partnered with a great team to help us bring quality service and results to our clients.

The Elite Financial Network
We’ve hired Elite as our Compliance and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ). Elite is based in Huntington Beach, CA and is a network of professionals that goes beyond financial consulting.

National Planning Corporation (NPC)
While Elite provides the managerial oversight, NPC provides the platforms we use for our brokerage and advisory services. NPC is based in El Segundo, CA.